Tilly's Galley Herb Spice

Case of 12

A West Coast classic, delicious as a herb butter or combine with mayonnaise and spread over a fish fillet. Try combining with softened butter and chicken breasts in a ziploc, leave to marinate, then bake and use the buttery herb drippings to drizzle over potatoes. 

  • Gluten Free
  • No salt
  • No MSGs
  • All Natural
  • Allergen Free

Allergen Info:

  • Does NOT contain: gluten, wheat, milk, egg, nut, soy, sesame, peanut, sulfites, mustard or seafood. 
  • Contains: no allergens

Ingredients (all pronounceable and familiar!):

Spices, sugar, salt, lemon oil, corn meal, garlic, chives.