Coastal inspiration, gourmet flavour

Imagine a coastal community, a busy harbor of prawn, crab, salmon, and ocean-going halibut boats. This is our home here on the west coast of beautiful British Columbia, and the inspiration of Tilly's Galley specialty foods. Through a love of fine food and the abundance of fresh seafood, our distinctive dishes emerged.

Tilly’s has been packaging high-quality, natural, dehydrated gourmet meal mixes and spice blends in an exciting array of ethnic and regional flavours for over 30 years.  Celebrating multicultural cuisine with dishes such as Cajun Jambalaya, Thai Fried Rice, and Manhattan Chowder, our shelf-stable meal mixes are packaged in eye-catching stand-up pouches that are shipped in branded shelf-ready, rip-top boxes.

Consumers are increasingly demanding clean food for themselves and their families with many people experiencing dietary challenges.  Unlike most packaged foods, Tilly’s products uniquely address these concerns with flavourful soups, chowders, rice mixes, and spice blends that are all gluten-free, non-GMO, contain nothing artificial, are free-from fillers and additives, and are free-from nearly all allergens.  Our 30 years of customer reviews attest to how good they are!

Over the decades we have developed strong relationships with our Canadian distributors and retailers, from the independent grocers, butcher shops, seafood markets, natural food stores, and specialty food retailers who have been with us from inception to the grocery chains like Thrifty Foods and Quality Foods who have found value in our brand for their consumers.  We are pursuing expansion into the central and eastern Canada markets as well as exploring export opportunities to the USA.

From our family to yours...

Originally started by an entrepreneurial couple in 1989 as a home-based business in Sechelt, BC, the product line quickly gained popularity among campers, hikers, RV travelers, and seafood connoisseurs. Moving into a commercial factory the business continued to grow and was purchased in 1997 by an employee of the company. Husband and wife team, Jason and Kathryn, came in to manage the business in 1998.Through continued marketing efforts, Tilly's grew and obtained contracts with major grocers across Canada such as Costco. After a number of years with Tilly's, Jason and Kathryn moved on to other ventures. During the decade they were pursuing other endeavors, Tilly's was never far from their hearts. After several requests to purchase Tilly's in recent years, Jason and Kathryn proudly became the new owners in Sep 2012!

Already living in Campbell River, the salmon capital of the world, it was natural to move the factory here where there is greater access to marketing opportunities and logistics options... not to mention the beautiful coastline and great community we want to remain a part of. We leased a new facility purpose built for Tilly's with room to grow for years to come, and in 2021 we purchased the building. Passionate about our business and the high quality products we produce, we look forward to keeping Tilly's in our family for decades to come!

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