Find a Store

In the map below, you will find the locations we are aware of who sell Tilly's.  We sell to distributors who in turn sell to retail stores so we don't always know where our lovely little packages have gone after we send them out into the big world.  Do you know of more locations?  Let us know where you found Tilly's and what they carry so we can add them!  

Don't see a store near you?  Do you want to see our high-quality, natural, Canadian products continue in the marketplace? If yes, then grocers need to hear your voice! Without consumer demand, it is nearly impossible for small, local producers like us to promote ourselves to the major grocers. Meeting consumer demand is vital to grocers and using your voice to tell them what you want them to carry is powerful. All it takes is a phone call, an email, or an in person visit to your local grocery manager to ask them to stock Tilly’s. It’s up to you to keep our brand in stores!